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Exploring the Wonders of Marrakech on a Half Day on Tok Tok

Tour Marrakech on Tok Tok

We will collect you from your Riad using a Touktouk vehicle, allowing you to delight in navigating the narrow streets until we reach and explore the Bahia Palace. Our exploration will then proceed on foot as we visit the Quranic school known as Medrassa.

Subsequently, we will stroll through the bustling souks, immersing ourselves in the craftsmanship and abundance of handmade goods available for purchase.

Finally, our tour will conclude at the central square.


Tour Highlights

  • See the main sights of Marrakech on a half-day sightseeing tour¬†
  • Explore the maze of narrow streets that form the structured souks of Marrakech
  • Marvel at the performing monkeys and snake charmers of Djemaa El Fna.
  • Visit Berber Pharmacy ( Herborists and Spices Shop)
  • Go to the Bahia Palace, Madrassa Ben Youssef, Koutoubia Mosque

Program Details

The Koutoubia Mosque is one of the most important places to visit in Marrakech, as it has a wonderful design, and a great place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike, and it is no wonder that this is the largest mosque in Marrakech, and one of the oldest mosques in the country. What adds to the splendor of the Koutoubia Mosque is its magnificent minaret that dominates the skyline of the city in a wonderful sight, attracting the eyes from long distances

Bahia Palace will give you the opportunity to discover the nature of the life of the wealthy in the nineteenth century, as the site is said to have been originally built as the residence of an old minister, and is an excellent example of oriental architecture with exquisitely decorated interiors, a tiled courtyard and beautiful gardens. 8 hectares.

Like the old city, one of the most beautiful places in Marrakech, with its small shaded alleys carrying with them centuries of historical and cultural riches, as well as a group of wonders of Moroccan arts and crafts gathered in different societies, where you will find multi-colored wool, carpets, slippers, and silk , Leather goods, with natural spices. At dusk, the streets heading to Djemaa El-Fna are filled with wonderful stalls serving delicious dishes under the lights of twinkling lamps.

The legendary Jemaa El Fna Square and the main location in Marrakech, at the foot of the Koutoubia Mosque, is one of the main and central sites of Marrakech.

The Jemaa El Fna Square is the beating heart of the charming city of Marrakech, as it teems with a vibrant square and movement throughout the day, which makes it an amazing destination worth exploring. The open air, with countless stalls featuring traditional lamb dishes and fresh orange juice, along with a host of other delicacies.

The Ben Youssef School, which dates back to the sixteenth century and is excellently preserved until now, is considered one of the largest schools in North Africa, and may also be considered one of the most beautiful schools in the world, due to the wonderful design of the building and its rich history. Close to 900 students have passed through the gates of this school over the years, only to be recently renovated and reopened to the public as an interesting historical site. There, guests can explore more than 100 student rooms and admire the stunning architecture from the grand patio to the ornate prayer halls. After nearly six centuries, this magnificent school stands as one of the main tourist attractions in Marrakesh



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